Today's world is filled with choices in just about every type of product we buy. The old days of manufacturers creating a few product lines, and making the consumer “take it or leave it”, are over. Product lines have now become more specialized. Products are now so specific that what was once a niche market has become normal. An example of this would be Soda. The two big companies were Pepsi and Coke.

​ Both had their regular lines and their diet equivalents. Now, however, there are any number of flavors from cherry to vanilla and lime. Moreover, the calorie count can range from normal, to diet, to 1 calorie, to Zero calories, making for a number of choices that consumers 30 years ago wouldn't have dreamed possible.

Custom flooring is no exception. The once limited options are now expanded to an almost mind boggling level of textures, colors, styles, and materials. Navigating the world of custom flooring can be quite intimidating at times. Your remodeling project now has the ability to go in any number of directions based on those factors. Custom flooring can be anything from a simple inlay, to a mix of materials and textures that create a mood when entering the room in which the custom flooring has been installed.

At Direct Custom Floors, we have the staff of professionals who will help you make the choices you need to make, in order to enhance your personal style while staying within your budget. We will show you samples of the actual products, so you can feel the textures before the new flooring is installed in your home. We will give you a design consultation, so we can match the materials and colors to your existing living space in a way that allows your vision for the room to come to life.

​Our installers are up to date on all of the manufacturers’ specifications for installation and maintenance, in order to protect your warranties. Direct Custom Floors will make your custom flooring experience one that you can enjoy for years to come. Doing flooring your way has never been easier when you visit our Tavares, FL showroom.