The benefits of wide plank hardwood flooring

The benefits of wide plank hardwood flooring

When you search the latest hardwood flooring trends, you?ll see that wide plank installation is one of the most popular options, especially in certain areas. This popularity looks to continue, offering outstanding visual interest and the appearance of more space to match any d?cor scheme.

We?re often asked whether it?s advisable to go along with the crowd for this trend and how it will affect the home in years to come. To answer that, here are some benefits these options offer, which could meet your requirements in every room.

Versatile visual elements

As soon as you see these materials, you?ll notice that hardwood floors add visual interest to both modern and traditional d?cor schemes. You can match any look with amazing clarity and ongoing appeal by combining the right color, texture, and installation layout.

Some appearance options lean heavily on color, from neutral hues that match everything to deep, rich shades like espresso and ebony. Each color has its characteristics but can change everything about the space it's installed.

Fewer seams for specific benefits

One of the first things you?ll notice about wide plank options is that they offer fewer seams in your wood floors in Tavares, FL. That means the rooms where these products are installed will feel larger and roomier, especially if laid in a direction that maximizes natural light.

You may also note that the wider coverage and fewer breaks offer more stability and functionality in busy spaces. We?ll ensure your subfloor is up to par so you can enjoy decades of service from your hardwood flooring.

Increases your home?s value

If you intend to keep your home and pass it down, adding wide plank hardwood increases the equity in your home. But if you plan to sell, the same hardwood floors can increase the appraisal value.

Even if these products are only installed in a single area, they can still raise the value of your home. And though it?s more expensive upfront, it will more than pay for itself over time.

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If you're ready to choose flooring for an upcoming remodel, these products add to any experience, large or small. Classic visuals, impressive lifespan, and unlimited styles combine for a fantastic product lasting over 100 years.

We invite you to visit our hardwood flooring store in Tavares, FL, if you live in or around The Villages, Mount Dora, Leesburg, Eustis, or Clermont. We'll ensure the best results and ongoing support as long as your floors are in place.