When You Want Custom Flooring Come to Direct Custom Floors First

It can be challenging to find a reliable flooring store in the Tavares, FL area that can provide professional-level custom flooring services. It should be said that not all flooring stores can provide these services, simply because they do not have installers who are trained and experienced in creating and installing custom floors. Now, however, homeowners and business owners can get the best in custom flooring when they come to Direct Custom Floors.

Custom flooring requires special skills
Consumers may not be aware that virtually all types of flooring can be customized to meet the customer's individual desires. This includes popular options such as carpet and hardwood. Even so, consumers often need assistance in designing their new floor, and we can help with that critical task as well. But, the real test comes when the flooring is installed.

It only makes sense that those who install custom flooring must have special skills over those installers who have not installed this type of flooring. For instance, to create custom borders for carpeting, the installer needs to know how to cut and seam the various pieces correctly, to achieve the desired results. Any miscalculation, any mistakes in cutting or seaming, will show up, causing disappointment. To ensure that you always get the best results, we do all of our own work. We do not hire subcontractors to perform these important tasks. Our team works for you, and your complete satisfaction is our most important goal.

?Answers to all your custom flooring questions
The bottom line is clear: If you are looking the best in custom flooring, come see us at Direct Custom Floors in Tavares, FL before you go anywhere else. We can answer any questions you may have, help you with designing your new floor, and provide you with a reliable estimate on your new custom flooring.