Can You Increase the Value of Your Home with New Flooring?

There are a lot of ways that homeowners can add value to their homes, and when it comes to luxury vinyl tile flooring, Leesburg residents know a winner when they see one. While many home improvements can cost a lot to get installed, luxury vinyl tile flooring is not one of them. In fact, according to a recent story, there are a variety of ways for homeowners to increase the value (and therefore the appraisals) of their homes. This can be very important for anyone who may be thinking of selling the home in the near future. Here is why:

?Low appraisals are becoming a bigger problem for many would-be buyers and refinancers as home values have started to stabilize and rise in some markets. In Leesburg, Florida, for example, low appraisals have caused the cancellation of as many as 15 percent of home sales for local real estate broker Gus Grizzard.?

Source: CNBC, Eight Ways You Can Improve Your Home Appraisal by Staff Writers.

It is no secret that your home is probably your highest valued asset. As such, you want to make sure that it increases in value. This is why when it comes to adding value with luxury vinyl tile flooring, Leesburg residents turn to Direct Custom Floors, whose showroom is in Tavares, FL.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is not the same as traditional vinyl sheet goods. This new manufacturing process allows consumers to choose from a huge variety of colors, patterns, sizes, and textures. The visual appeal to LVT is so impressive than most consumers cannot tell the difference from the real thing and the LVT which is available in wood, stone, metallic, and tile motifs.

Because the manufacturing process is so radically different from what traditional vinyl flooring is, the only way to truly appreciate its quality is to examine it yourself. Homeowners and business owners will be awed at how real these products look, and how much less they cost when compared to, say, solid hardwood flooring or authentic stone flooring such as marble or slate.

Check out the luxury vinyl tile flooring Leesburg residents need at Direct Custom Floors today in Tavares, FL.