Custom is Always Right

Shopping for flooring for your home isn?t what it used to be. The days of cookie cutter flooring with limited styles and color choices are long gone. The range of choices are now more sophisticated and design oriented, while giving the customer a durable surface that also delivers an aesthetic charm to the room. Even with all of the new choices in flooring, there are still times when the status quo just won?t be sufficient. That is when you enter the world of custom flooring.Custom flooring doesn?t have to be overly complicated to be effective as a design element. It can be something as simple as a small tile inlay in a hardwood floor that enhances the colors of the room, while breaking up the simplicity of the wood grain. Something as simple as that can draw the eye away from an element in the room that could dominate the flow of the design, like a large counter or island, and focus more on the rest of the room to create balance.

Custom flooring can also create a whimsical feel to a room. Using multiple colors of bright carpet tiles in a random pattern around a child?s bedroom can make the atmosphere more playful. It can also tie in the colors of the walls and trim to make the room feel like a happy place.?

In the bathroom, ceramic tile can be used around the tub or shower and glued down luxury vinyl plank in a wood grain pattern can be used to finish the rest of the floor to give a classic cabin feel. All while maintaining the ability to withstand humidity and water being tracked on the floor after bathing. Custom flooring is only limited to the imagination of the designer: You!

At Direct Custom Flooring we are dedicated to helping you achieve the design you envision. We have a staff of qualified flooring experts who will educate you on the various types of flooring and their applications in your home. Come see us at our Tavares FL, showroom and find out why custom is always right.