Hardwood Floors ? So Many Choices What to Choose!

So you?ve just retired and made the move to the beautiful and bountiful community of the VILLAGES. If you are not familiar with this community, you can check it out here www.thevillages.com. You are deciding on putting in new flooring in your new home and you have your heart set on using hardwood.

Good for you! We all know that hardwood flooring is a great investment for your home; in fact hardwood increases your home value. Just ask any realtor, they will tell you the same thing.

What should you consider when purchasing a hardwood floor? There are so many choices. Well, hardwood floor comes in two types, solid and engineered. Solid is just that?a solid piece of wood. Engineered is not solid but made up of thin layers with a top layer of the species wood you want.

The species?referring to the type of tree the wood comes from, can range from domestics like oak and maple to exotics from both the United States and abroad.If your design style is rustic you may want to consider a hand-scraped look in an engineered wood. It?s an amazing texture and ?look? and can be finished in a stain or color that fits your overall decorating palette.

So hand-scraped doesn?t always mean it was actually scraped by a person?s hand, sometimes machines are used in the process to give it a ?distressed? look, which isn?t a bad thing, and the result is still beautiful, unique and adds an amazing texture component to the floor.

Here?s a tip to warm up the wood floor, consider adding an area rug under the coffee table, or in the entry way. The combination of a pop of a rug on top of a beautifully crafted engineered hand-scarped wood floor will knock your socks off.

So head on down to your local flooring retailer and check out the many choices in hardwood flooring available.