It's Time to Customize Your Home

If you are like many Florida natives, you may gravitate towards things that are unique or a one of a kind. You can find spectacular ways to give your home those same characteristics by getting custom flooring from our store. At Direct Custom Floors, we strive to go above and beyond to make your dream flooring become a reality. With custom flooring you can give your home a personalized touch that is completely original and that only your home will have.

There are a few different ways to customize the flooring for your home in Tavares, FL. An example would be one of the many family homes we have serviced where we have used an emblem or family crest as the focal point for their floors. We then can create one of a kind patterns or designs that all center around the emblem. We have also had some clients come to us with extraordinary ideas for their man caves or game rooms. Imagine a game room dedicated to your favorite Florida sports team from the floors up.?

Another way that we like to create custom flooring designs is in the way we install them. Tile floors can be installed in eye catching checkered patterns that liven up the space. Or, hardwood can be laid to where it is woven like a crisscrossed pattern. These customizations, although seemingly small, bring so much character and detail into homes and are sure to leave your friends and neighbors star struck. Carpet tiles are also a great way to get a custom look for your home.

You can mix and match colors for a retro look, or you can arrange them in large square patterns for a sharp and sophisticated aesthetic. The possibilities are endless with custom flooring. If you think that custom flooring is what your home needs, call us and we will come to you and show you all of the wonderful ways to customize your home. If you are in our neighborhood, stop by our showroom in ?Tavares, FL.