Custom Floor Throwdown

Flooring design used to be limited to cookie cutter patterns and colors that were made to appeal to a broad audience. Today?s designs are much more diverse. The colors and patterns are as varied as they have ever been. However, they can still be a little too drab for rooms that need a dramatic flair from the flooring to tie together the overall look. That?s where custom flooring comes into play.Custom flooring can be anything from a mix of materials, such as a wood floor with a stone inlay, to a simpler solution like mixing colors and patterns from different styles of the same flooring material to create a new, more appealing look to the room, while accentuating the overall design. Wood flooring can be especially good for this. I work in an office where the company had a plethora of wood plank flooring, but none of the planks were from the same line. So the boss had the installer piece together the rich red woods, grey barn wood planks, oak and maple planks into a floor that is unique. This is the true definition of a custom floor. When customers enter that office, they can see the possibilities of custom flooring.

Custom flooring can be a wallet saving idea as well. In the office where I work, the flooring retailer had a large lot of wood flooring planks that were left over from homes where the flooring had already been installed. Therefore, the customer chose not to take the extra flooring because of storage issues. So, they let the retailer keep the flooring planks. If a retailer has extra planks of flooring like that just described, you may want to inquire if they would be willing to sell the incomplete lots of material for a discounted price. If so, you could use it to create your custom flooring dream in your home.?

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