Engineered hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for timeless elegance

Welcome to Direct Custom Flooring, the premier destination for engineered hardwood flooring in Tavares, FL. As your trusted flooring experts, we are dedicated to providing you with in-depth knowledge about our products. One of our most sought-after flooring options is engineered wood flooring. Let's dive into what it is and why it might be the perfect fit for your home.

What is engineered wood flooring?

Engineered hardwood flooring is a type of flooring constructed from multiple layers of wood. The top layer, known as the veneer, is a thin slice of real hardwood, offering the authentic beauty and warmth of natural wood. Below the veneer are several layers of high-density fiberboard (HDF) or plywood, which give the flooring its stability and resistance.

Unlike traditional hardwood, which is made from a single plank of wood, engineered hardwood combines the aesthetics of natural wood with the structural advantages of layered construction.

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Benefits of engineered hardwood floors

  1. Durability and stability: Engineered hardwood flooring is designed to be more stable than solid hardwood. This layered structure reduces the wood's natural tendency to expand and contract with changes in humidity and temperature. Particularly in Florida's humid climate, this can be a significant advantage.
  2. Versatility in installation: One of the biggest benefits of engineered wood flooring is its adaptability to various subfloors, including concrete.
  3. Authentic wood appearance: The top layer of engineered hardwood flooring is genuine wood, ensuring that your floors have the timeless beauty of hardwood. With various styles, grains, and finishes available, you can find a design that seamlessly fits your home's aesthetics.
  4. Cost-effective solution: While solid hardwood floors can be pricey, engineered hardwood often provides a more budget-friendly option without compromising on appearance or durability. Moreover, since it uses less of the desired top wood species, it can be a more sustainable choice.
  5. Easy maintenance: Engineered hardwood flooring stands up well to daily wear and tear. Simple cleaning routines can keep your floors looking pristine for years. Additionally, the protective finish on most engineered hardwood floors makes them resistant to stains and damage.
  6. Long lifespan: With proper care and maintenance, engineered hardwood floors can last as long as solid wood floors. Moreover, many engineered hardwoods can be refinished, ensuring that your flooring remains timeless and elegant throughout the years.

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