How do I choose a grout color for my tile flooring?

How do I choose a grout color for my tile flooring?

While the color of grout significantly affects the visual impact of tile flooring on room decor, it's also essential to keep other details in mind, like the thickness of grout lines and hues in the interior design. The flooring specialists at Direct Custom Flooring in Tavares, FL, can help you create a 'just-right' floor, starting by choosing the optimum grout color.

Room size

A grout contrasting the tile color is striking in a small space, while the combination may overwhelm a large area. Further, matching grout and tile colors creates a flowing, groutless look that gives a room a minimalist appearance and makes a small space appear larger. Lastly, a mid-toned neutral grout color, such as gray, is ideal for any tile flooring application.


A neutral-colored grout allows a bold tile pattern, non-traditional tile shape, or interesting layout pattern to become the floor's focal point. A grout color that blends into the edges of the tile does not interrupt the pattern. When floors feature two or more tiles of different colors, the grout can be matched with the most neutral shade in the color scheme.

Non-traditional option

If the brightest grout color is too boring for your tile flooring project, glitter grout might be just what you want. This fun trending option reflects light to create a glistening effect. Pink, blue, red, silver, and gold are grout colors that can be matched particularly well to quartz or porcelain tiles with a glossy finish.

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