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Latest trends in luxury vinyl flooring designs

Luxury vinyl flooring has evolved dramatically, not just in quality but also in design. As a popular choice for modern homes and businesses, luxury vinyl now offers an array of trendy designs that cater to various aesthetic preferences. Let’s explore the latest trends in luxury vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring designs that are setting the tone for contemporary interiors.

Realistic wood and stone looks

One of the most significant trends in luxury vinyl flooring is the incredibly realistic representation of natural materials. Advances in printing technology have enabled manufacturers to create vinyl planks and tiles that closely mimic the look and texture of real wood and stone. This includes intricate grain patterns, varied color tones, and even the feel of natural materials underfoot. Homeowners can enjoy the elegance of hardwood or the sophistication of stone without the high cost and maintenance requirements.

Larger plank sizes

The trend of larger plank sizes, mirroring the style of hardwood flooring, has made its way into the vinyl plank flooring market. These larger planks not only make a bold statement but also create a sense of openness and space in a room. They are particularly popular in modern, minimalistic, or industrial-style interiors, where a clean and uncluttered look is desired.

Herringbone and chevron patterns

Herringbone and chevron patterns in luxury vinyl flooring are gaining popularity for their dynamic visual appeal. These classic patterns add a touch of elegance and personality to any space, offering a more distinctive look than traditional straight-lay patterns. They are ideal for those looking to create a focal point in their room or to add a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Varied color palettes

Beyond the natural wood and stone hues, luxury vinyl flooring is now available in a wider range of colors. This includes cooler tones like grays and blues, warmer earthy tones, and even bold colors like black or white. This expanded color palette allows homeowners to choose flooring that complements their unique style and the overall color scheme of their home.

Textured finishes

Texture is another element that has taken center stage in LVP and LVT flooring designs. Textured finishes, such as hand-scraped, wire-brushed, or embossed, add depth and character to the flooring. These finishes not only enhance the realistic look of the material but also contribute to the overall tactile experience.

Eco-friendly and sustainable options

Sustainability is a growing trend in all aspects of interior design, including flooring. Many manufacturers are now producing luxury vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring using eco-friendly processes and recycled materials. These sustainable options appeal to environmentally conscious consumers who want to make responsible choices without sacrificing style or quality.

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The world of luxury vinyl flooring is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging to meet the demands of modern design aesthetics. Whether you’re drawn to the natural look of wood and stone, the elegance of classic patterns, or the boldness of contemporary colors and textures, there’s a luxury vinyl flooring design trend that will suit your space. Visit Direct Custom Flooring to explore the latest in luxury vinyl flooring and find the perfect match for your design vision. Our flooring store in Tavares, FL, serves The Villages, Mount Dora, Leesburg, Eustis, and Clermont, FL.