Three neutral carpet colors for the living room

Three neutral carpet colors for the living room

Neutral colors have a timeless feel, and if you change your furnishings and other design elements in years to come, the carpeting will adapt to the new style.

Direct Custom Flooring is a carpet store in Tavares, FL, offering a large selection of classic and contemporary colors. In addition, we can bring the flooring to you if you prefer the convenience of shopping from your home.


Today, gray is the trendiest neutral color for this soft surface. Because it is found in many shades ranging from light to dark hues like charcoal, it is easy to mix into any decorating style.

'Going bold' is an option many homeowners choose, and if you want to brighten a neutral color, gray with flecks of bold color is worth consideration.


You can add a subtle color to room decor with a light or dark blue carpet, which works incredibly well if your furnishings are beige or another traditional neutral color.

As with the color gray, there are many blue hues from which to choose. In addition, blue creates a calming and soothing effect, so it's an excellent choice for a living room where you want to promote relaxation.

Earth tones

Earth tones, or colors found in nature, are dull colors mixed with gray. Earth-tone carpet does not dominate a room but blends well with furnishings and accessories, making creating a cohesive and quiet look easy.

If you think of sea, land, and vegetation, you can picture the range of green, brown, red, orange, yellow, white, and black shades.

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