Transitioning from hardwood flooring to carpet

Transitioning from hardwood flooring to carpet

In several materials, transition strips act as a bridge between rooms with different floor coverings. Direct Custom Flooring in Tavares, FL, carries various products, including hardwood flooring and carpet.

You'll be most satisfied with the look of your new floors if you carefully consider which transition strip is suitable for your project.

Transition strips

Transition strips are positioned between different flooring designs or materials to give the floors a finished look and accommodate various floor heights.

For example, a wood strip is best when transitioning between hardwood and carpet because it can be matched to the planks. In addition, a good-quality transition strip allows for the natural expansion of hardwood floors.

4-in-1 transition strips

Typically, transition strips are snapped in place or glued down, while a few need to be screwed down or are attached with teeth. A 4-in-1 transition strip features interchangeable parts for different types of floors. It includes a carpet strip used to transition from carpet to another material and a hard surface reducer and end molding.

Carpet edge gripper

A carpet edge gripper is used to transition to hardwood flooring that lies lower than the carpet. This aluminum strip gets tacked to the subfloor so it can hold the edge of the rug with sharp metal teeth. Then, the carpet is forced into the toothed side of the strip, which holds the carpet backing securely in place so it won't loosen or unravel.

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