Hardwood without Hard Work

So you?re well on your way to completing the renovations of your home in the Villages, Florida, congrats! If you?re stuck deciding on which flooring would best suit your new home, consider hardwood flooring as an option. Hardwood complements any home decor and is the most versatile flooring on the market. The local professionals at Direct Custom Flooring are eagerly waiting to help you find the hardwood floors that will take your breath away.

Value and variety are two of the main reasons why homeowners all over the Villages in Florida are considering wood floors. Choosing hardwood for your home will add a tremendous value, as any realtor will agree it is a major selling point for a home. There are a variety of different types of wood species that are made into hardwood. Each of them, from oak to hickory or maple, has unique characteristics that make each home look spectacular. The texture of hardwood floors provides a visual that is warm and comforting and will stand out when entering your home.

Hardwood flooring not only will give your home monetary value, but will give value in how easy they are to maintain and keep looking beautiful. Wood floors are known to last for decades as long as they are maintained properly. With a quick sweep of a broom or a run around with the vacuum and a damp mop your floors can shine like new. Hardwood floors depending on whether they are solid or engineered can be refinished. With solid wood, your floors can be refinished many times. Refinishing your floors will help fix small imperfections such as scratches or faded spots and bring them back to a new and fresh look.?

Hardwood flooring has been the main flooring choice for decades and even centuries. Many homes can still be found with their original hardwood! Let your local pros at Direct Custom flooring help your find the hardwood flooring that will make your home the most beautiful in all of the Villages in Florida.